Tuesday, May 16, 2017

See the Beauty

It can be rough sometimes when God decides to reveal to you where your heart is at.  For me these past few weeks I've been praying and thinking about a lot, and not realizing it, I've been stressed.  I just got back actually, from the dentist, who said I need a mouth guard to stop me from grinding me teeth:( Once again, God revealing the anxiety in my heart.  But this post isn't about the thorn of stress in my side, its actually about contentment.  Even though we may not realize it at times, this hidden stress I think can come from a lack of contentment.

If you asked someone, anyone really, what they wanted, most likely they could easily tell you about a desire or dream they may have.  Living in America, we are surrounded by the idolized dream of obtaining bigger and better toys.  Personally, it isn't toys (clothes or cars) that I am constantly wishing for, to make myself happy, it's experiences and relationships.

Does this thought sound familiar to you? "If only I had a boyfriend (or girlfriend), I would feel loved.  I would always feel fulfilled and needed." "If only I could go to Europe, I would be happy."
If these thoughts sound genuine, it's because they were for me.  And honestly I will say that that going to Europe fulfilled a certain desire in my heart, but now what? Now I come home and I am itching to go back?  The thing is, I'm not.  It's like we think we can run from our problems and live perfectly in another place, but honestly being there was so much harder.  (Don't get me wrong, it was incredible, but I love living in CA)

Being home for two weeks now, I've realized how often I think about all the things that I want or "need".  And I've realized how instead of telling myself that I need certain things, I need to be thankful.  Since I've become aware of this, being thankful is truly something worth celebrating- all year round.  When we intentionally look for the beauty and the positives in every circumstance, something incredible happens in our hearts.

There are so many small details incorporated in each situation, so why focus on the things that went wrong, when you can praise God for all the things that went well!

If you have a desire to travel, as strong as I do, let me tell you from experience, I've learned you will never find what you're looking for in another place, if you aren't already content at home.
The fulfillment you're looking for isn't over there, it's right beside you.  Stop looking to other things for happiness when you have Christ.  He is is the only one who will satisfy your heart and the deep longing you have for something more.  I'm speaking to myself here. But trust me on this, you won't be able to see the beauty in anything until Christ makes your vision clear.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Postcard from Budapest

On the first stop of our 3 week backpacking trip across Europe, my mom and I enjoyed the sights of Budapest, Hungary.  Fun fact about Budapest is that it is actually the two cities, Buda and Pest combined.

This is Saint Stephen's Basilica, which was on the same street as our little hostel (Pal's Hostel), in the heart of the big city.  I googled what the words say above the doorway, "EGO SUM VIA VERITAS ET VITA" and it says "I am the Way, truth and life" from John 14:6- so cool! This is it at dusk:

And our seat to enjoy the view, from the hostel's living room:

We found it wise to wake up earlier (8ish) and begin our day touring at that time, to avoid tourists and bad weather.  I know this is terrible, but I am literally looking up the story behind this place because I have already forgotten;)  This is Heroes Square.  Each statue represents some historical person lol and the statue (not pictured) in the middle is the Archangel, Gabriel, holding the "double cross of Christianity"...

Next we strolled through the City Park and found ourselves at this adorable castle, which actually holds the Agricultural Museum.

As we adventured throughout the city, we discovered beautiful buildings and a Rapunzel tower!

I am such a creeper, but how cute!

We ate these delicious, dough-boy type of pastry covered in cinnamon sugar!

We eventually found ourselves at Budapest's fun Spring Festival (sign says Spring)

We sure don't have this incredible architecture here at home:(

This is the Buda Castle

Great views!!

Ferris wheel ride!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dazed and Amused

//Jean Jacket//
I found this unique jean jacket at a thrift store last week!  I love the individuality of it, and I enjoy knowing that not many people will have anything like it!  I think it is actually a brand sold by Billabong, so I know that it is nice quality as well.  I'm thinking about doing a DIY project of a similar garment soon so let me know if you think that is a good idea, and what you hope to see!

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